Visit the Mid-Atlantic states to discover Travel Destinations for every lifestyle and person.



“Delaware is like a diamond, diminutive, but having within it inherent value,” wrote Dr. John Lofland, a notable early American scribe and native son.


District of Columbia

Our nation’s capital Washington DC, commonly referred to as ‘The District’, is located on the banks of the historic Potomac River and not a part of any other US state.



Baltimore has something for everyone–from art museums and galleries to Major League sports teams and state-of-the-art stadiums. And, Baltimore hotels offer something for everyone as well.


New Jersey

Visitors to “America’s Favorite Playground” have been enjoying the world-famous, four-mile-long Atlantic City Boardwalk, amusements, sights and surf since the 1800s.


New York

Whatever your taste, you can find it in New York. New York is much more than just NYC – upstate NY offers a wealth of travel options. Long a mecca for travelers from far and wide, New York City (a.k.a. the Big Apple) offers hotel accommodations, dining pleasures, business opportunities, and entertainment for every wallet and schedule.



Hershey, PA is called the “sweetest place on earth”. Yes, Hershey is home to the Hershey Chocolate Factory and is a popular travel destination. While Hershey’s Chocolate World is famous, there are several other attractions in the Hershey area of Pennsylvania.



It turns out that Virginia Beach is an older, smaller version of Myrtle Beach, complete with the usual suspects – saltwater taffy, t-shirt shops, and calabash buffets. The big difference between the two areas, besides size, is rejuvenation. Va beach – is growing. This town is a Navy base city and the area is also a booming vacation destination. The beach is the place to be – but be sure to book your hotel reservations in advance.


West Virginia

Ride the whitewater between sheer sandstone cliffs, or paddle a solitary canoe through the morning mist on a serene lake. Bike along meandering country roads, river-winding rail trails, or truly technical single tracks down steep mountainsides. West Virginia has diversity and outstanding lodging choices.

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