Travel the midwest US for fun, business, history, and discover the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin.



Whether you’re traveling to Chicago to soak up the sun in the bleachers at Wrigley Field or to network with business contacts at McCormick Place, you’re likely to discover some unexpected pleasures in the “windy city”.



Indianapolis is truly Circle City. The Soldiers and Sailors Monument sits in a circle paved with bricks at the center of the city. Streets are angled like spokes of a wheel from the downtown circle overlaid with streets in a grid pattern.



Greater Des Moines Iowa is a diverse, multi-faceted metropolitan area. Exciting nightlife abounds-from the arts (the theatre, ballet, symphony, opera) to comedy clubs and from live music to historical places. Iowa’s lodging choices are plentiful.



Combining the shopping, attractions, dining, and diversity of a major metropolitan area with the friendliness and cost of a medium-sized Midwestern town, Kansas City offers leisure and business travelers a host of lodging options.



Detroit (aka: Motown) is the country’s pre-eminent factory town. Even the “Motor City’s” best-known museum, Greenfield Village, celebrates the rise of the industry as a cultural factor second to none in changing the way we live. Home of the Auto Industry and Motown Records, Detroit is a happening city with many lodging options.



Norm Coleman, the public relations savvy mayor of St. Paul, likes to say that what separates his city from its western neighbor, Minneapolis, is more than the Mississippi River. “St. Paul is the last of America’s eastern cities, while Minneapolis is the first of the western cities,” says Coleman.



If you’ve lived in Omaha, or if you’ve spent any amount of time here, you know what makes this city great – It has all the amenities of a big-market city, with the benefits of a small town. The Nebraska lodging choices are big.



The days when Cleveland was derisively deemed “the mistake on the lake” are history. Far from being a dirty industrial dump, Cleveland has recreated herself into an urban epicenter that is one of the top ten destinations for European tourists visiting the USA as well as a booming business center.



Wausau (pronounced /wô’sô/) is located geographically in the middle of Wisconsin. This Wisconsin city is the county seat of Marathon County, Wisconsin, USA. The Wisconsin River divides the city. Wausau is about 180 miles (290 km) east of Minneapolis, Minnesota and is surrounded by the town of Wausau.

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